Driving in El Salvador

I have been in El Salvador for almost six months and I just now found a vehicle to purchase. Partly, because of my budget and partly because I was a slightly afraid to drive here. People in this country drive crazy. Plus, you have to be aware, at all times, of busses constantly stopping and pulling out in front of you and pedestrians everywhere. Yesterday, I finally bought a vehicle. It is a Mazda truck and is nice, good vehicle to have here. In the city it doesn't matter what you drive but I go out to the lake three times a week to teach English and you need a truck or SUV to drive out there. So, for the first time, I drove out to the lake by myself which is about 80-90 kilometers...which I think is like 45 or 50 miles. I haven't quite mastered the metric system yet. I was nervous, at first, but I quickly felt comfortable behind the wheel again. As I was driving, with all the Mountains surrounding me and all the beautiful scenery I was just thinking to myself, "Oh my goodness, I am driving in El Salvador!" I don't know; it was weird. I am happy to have a vehicle because I don't have to depend on my roommates all the time and can go do things when I need to instead of waiting on people. My time, here, without a vehicle definatley helped me with being more patient and flexible.

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  1. that little truck sounds right up your alley!