This To Shall Pass

Yesterday my roommates and I were all diagnosed with the dreaded Scabies. We have had a rash for a little over a week and since we just purchsed a dog we thought we were having some kind of allergic reaction to the puppy. Or maybe the dog had some weird bug or something. But as it continued to get worse and spread on our bodies and spread to other people we have been in contact with, we thought it must be something else. So we went and saw the Doctor and without a doubt said we had Scabies. Turns out the lady that cleans the house on the weekends brought her daughter. Her daughter was in our rooms and playing with us and with the puppy. She sat in my lap as we watched a movie. That little girl has Scabies and passed it to us and so forth. It is really horrible. It itches worse than anything I have ever had and burns as well. At night they spread and bite because your body temperature rises. We have to clean everything in boiling hot water and those items we cannot wash we have to bag up for two weeks. We have to change our sheets every night until the bites go away. So needless to say, we have been boiling water, washing clothes, and cleaning all day. We do have medicine that his supposed to help but improvement takes quite a bit of time. Unfortunately, it is spreading quickly to the other people who live in the house with us. Today as I was praying I felt that God wanted me to round up everyone who was sick and pray for healing and that this bug would not spread to anyone else. I believe that God is touching us and protecting the other girls from this bug. One of the girls who lives upstairs spent a year in Africa and I can just imagine she is like, "Come on, I suffered with Malaria 3 times...ya'll only have a itchy rash." However, this can be frustrating and it is easy to complain and I admit I am guilty of doing so. But I have felt convicted about my attitude and have made a decision to praise God and thank Him anyway. It could be way worse....Thank you Lord it is not.

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