Scripture Memory

I have been thoroughly challanged by the Master's Commission students here in El Salvador. The student's memorize some 300 chapters, I believe, within one year. The past year or so I have wanted to apply scripture memory to my weekly routine but it always fizzles out and it has always been single verses. In "The Velvet Elvis" by Rob Bell he says, "A friend of mine studied in the mid-1980's at a yeshiva (Jewish Seminary) in Manhattan. He claims he was the only student in the entire school who didn't have the entire Old Testament memorized." The entire Old Testament; I get excited that I can still remember a few key scriptures I learned in Sunday School as a child. As I was reading "The Hiding Place" by Corrie Ten Boom I felt God speak to me saying, 'Like Corrie you may not always have a hard copy of the Bible, you will only have what is in your heart.' I really feel that to go deeper in my study of the Bible that I need to apply memorization. So I have begun to memorize the whole chapter of 1 Corinthians 13. It is amazing how much deeper my understanding of this passage is just from reading and it over and over and repeating it and writing it. I know that this is going to take my relationship with Christ to another level because the word of God is alive and real. Memorizing is the best way to get the actual words of God into your heart and mind.
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