Precious Life

Today I had a sobering experiance...I don't even know if that word quite describes how I feel. I go out to the lake on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday every week to teach english and it is about an hour or so to get out there, depending on traffic. I was riding out there with a couple that are MIT's, missionary's in training. It is not out of the oridinary to be stopped by police in roadblocks and different places they put cones in the middle of the road that you have to maneuver around. I am assuming to slow people down. As we were driving along we came to an abrupt stop because there were people everywhere, cones were out, cops, and an area to our left was all taped off. As we got closer Garrett kept saying, "Please don't let there be anyone dead." So we are stopped so we can see what is going on and as I look to my left I see this car about 10 ft. away completely crushed and I see the dead people inside. I have never seen a dead body before other than in a casket. To see a dead body in a car accident and the two dead people just crushed and trapped inside their vehicle was very disturbing. It is such a horrible feeling. After we passed Garrett said something that is so true, "That is why we are here. To reach people before something like that happens."

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