Mourning From a Distance

Being away from friends and family when a tragedy strikes is extremelly difficult. A family friend passed away today. She was friends of my grandparents and she and her husband were like second grandparent's to my siblings and I. They were always so excited and extremelly supportive of me coming to El Salvador and what I am doing here. When you want to be somewhere to show your support but can not you feel dibilated. This is one of the downfall's of living out of the country but a small sacrifice for the Lord and the people He wants me to reach.

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  1. Anonymous8:11 AM CST

    You will see her again one day...in Heaven. She's walking those streets of gold right now worshiping the King of kings...the very one you are telling others about. It's awesome when you think about it that way. She is where we all want to be...she just arrived there before us!