Life Is So Much Better With Cayenne Pepper

I like to cook. Everyone knows that Cayenne pepper is a staple ingredient in food in S. Louisiana. Being an ignorant Louisianian, I assumed Cayenne was something that could be bought anywhere in the world. When I arrived in El Salvador I quickly found out that it can not be. Furthermore, many Americans do not even know what it is. Shocking, isn't it? Well, I have been here for five months on Oct. 19 and have been searching for it at every store I have visited. Again and again I came up empty handed until....yesterday. We went to a store to purchase some ingrediants for some food because we wanted to make dinner for all ten of us girls who have been couped up in the house with scabies. So we go, and keep in mind I have looked here everytime I have been, but to no avail. Yesterday, however, was different and they had a big bottle of Cayenne Pepper. I could hardly contain my excitement as I picked it up and yelled down the isle to my roommates who were laughing at me. Needless to say, the food we cooked for dinner was great.

On a more exciting note, we have all finished our last treatment of medicine. We have to wait eight days and then start the treatment again for three days. What is even more fantastic is that God has answered our prayers and no one else in this house has contracted the bug.

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