Revolting Monks

My first rememberance of hearing abou the country of Burma is when I was a little girl in Missionette's. For our mission's badge I was required to read a certain amount of books about missionary's. The one book that I remember out of all of them was Adoniram Judson, missionary to Burma. That book has since been etched in my memory. There were other things early on that inspired me to be a missionary but I believe that book played an integral role. Most people are now very familiar with Burma or Myanmar. This country has been oppressed by their own military government and have had enough. Once can tell things are getting bad when, the otherwise peaceful, monks have been on the forefront of this rebellion. When I read about what is going on I can not help but wonder what role are the believers taking in all of this. What must they be going through? I can imagine that they are probably protesting along with the monks for a democracy. The Military Junta only allows one religion and that is Theravada Buddhism, which is the most traditional form of Buddhism. It makes me sad to think of all the bloodshed and hurt that is coming from these protests however out of death comes life. Pray for the Burmese people, the believers and nonbelievers. Pray for the missionary's. Don't just shake your head when you see the news get on your knees and start praying.

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