Overcoming My Fear of the Taxi

Today I did something that I have been putting off since I have arrived here in El Salvador. I do not have a vehicle but I am in the process of looking for one. In the meantime, I have two roommates with vehicle's that I have been depending on. That in itself has been a lesson for me. I normally do not like to depend on people for a ride because I feel like I am being an inconvenience. That is beside the point. Inevitably I knew this day would come. Both of my roommates were not available to take me to work with Club Castillo this morning so I had to call for a taxi. Keep in mind I do not think I have ever rode in a taxi in the U.S. Much less ride in a taxi in another country, by myself. So there is this particular taxi service that I am supposed to use called Deluxe Taxi. My roommate gave me the directions to our house and then the street of where I need to go. I know my way enough to get around, however with limited Spanish speaking skills I was a tad bit nervous. I knew how to tell him where I needed to go but for some reason there was this lingering fear. Fingers shaking I timidly pushed the buttons to call the taxi and had no problems explaining where I was. He arrived within record time, upon arrival I hear his music blaring, telling me he was here. I run downstairs jump in and tell him where I need to go. As we get close to the spot, not knowing the exact street name, I told him to take a left on this street this is where I need to be. Then I asked him to pick me back up at noon. So needless to say the huge weight that I have been carrying around has been lifted. I have been freed of my fear of taxi's. I now feel like I could go anywhere.


  1. Lol

    The golden rule in El Salvador is that taxis are ok, as long as you have the company phone number. Keep that in mind, and good luck!

  2. I wonder if those taxis are as expensive as ours.

    And as long as you're buying a car, go ahead and get a good cruddy vehicle...the hassle alone will be worth the stories!