Little Things That Humble

Yesterday I attended a Vigilia at which my one of my roommates was going to be preaching. One of the women from church invited us to eat dinner at her home before the service. When we arrived we had to park in the street and then she sent one of her daughter's to come up and walk us in the barrio. We walked past the gang members to get to her house. We eat the typical meal of pupusas and I look around and feel extremelly greatful. This women had four children and they all stayed in the room we were eating. The bedroom, kitchen, dining room was all one room. And here they were feeding us.

Today at Club Castillo I was working with the kids who are in Level 6. We played games and before they broke off into groups they all started praying for Bro. Don Triplett and praying that God would provide the money for the Dream Center. I just sat there with tears in my eyes as I heard all these children praying and believing that God is going to provide all the money by December. These kids have nothing and they are praying that God will provide not for themselves, but for the ministry.
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