Weekend of fun

This weekend I went to the lake with the Guardians, which are the kids in the highest level in Club Castillo. We arrived at the lake Friday evening and were divided into groups. I thought I was going along to assist but I quickly found out that I was a leader of a group of eight girls. I was a little flustered, at first, but I decided to just go with the flow. The girls in my group were so precious. I recently watched a documentary on the gangs here in El Salvador and one of the areas mentioned was Delgado in San Salvador. This particular little girl who captured my heard happened to be from Delgado. Her name is Cyndi and she said her dad in the US but she doesn't know what state. She said she lives with her Grandmother. It breaks my heart because that is the story of so many children here. The parents abandon them to go the US to "help" support the family. We had a service Friday night and went to bed around 11:30 and woke up at 4:45 in the morning. We were ready for 5:00 and all 90 kids plus leaders went on a 1 1/2 - 2 hr. hike over and through some mountains. It was absolutely amazing. The sunrise was breathtaking. When we got to a stopping place close to the top of one of the mountains we prayed and then they sang "How Great Thou Art", keep in mind these are 9-12 yr. old kids. After the hike we ate breakfast and then my group went to ride horses. After the horses we went to the pool and swam for a while. Around lunch time we all went down to the lake and roasted hot dogs on the bonfire and all just kind of chilled out and rested. Around 2:00 Bro. Don Triplett came and brought out the boat and the banana boat and we all took turns on that and swimming in the lake. I have never experienced joy in the way that I did this weekend watching these kids, who have nothing and come from horrible situations, have so much fun.
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