Mission trip to Puerto Cabezas, Nicarauga

I went to Puerto Cabeza, Nicarauga, again, but this time I went with the Guardians. The Guardians of the Vision are kids in Club Castillo ages 9-12. The Guardians are the highest level in Club Castillo. It was a completely different experiance for me this time because I was not with a team of North Americans but with a team of Salvadoran's. Which was to my advantage because I was able to experiance things that as a World Warrior I was not able to. For example, every meal we had was typical food such as sea turtle, fish, and coconut bread. We also walked every where and if we couldn't walk we would ride in the back of a flatbed truck. I enjoyed walking because I was able to really see Puerto for what it is. We did programs in markets and in the central park, places that would be to dangerous for a bunch of gringos to go. We did about 3 or 4 programs everyday, house to house evangelism, and church services at night. House to house evangelism is one of my favorite things to do because you get to see how the people live and just talk to them and minister to them. However, it is a bit more difficult because of the language. Every house my group went to only spoke Miskito but we had a local girl from the youth group that spoke Miskito so she would translate. Most of the children speak 3 different languages: English, Spanish, and Miskito. Whoever said "The eyes are the doorway to a person's soul" could not have been more correct. At the programs I would just look into the eyes of the children and see such sorrow and despair but in some such hope and love. One of my most treasured memories is the first program we did in the middle of this market place, in front of a bar, but so many people were there and about 35 0r 40 children came up to accept Christ and it was the most beautiful thing to hear all these children repeat the sinner's prayer in Miskito. I have such a burden for all of Puerto Cabeza, especially the places that have never been reached with the gospel. I had a dream while I was there and in my dream a friend told me, "It was like God created you to reach the children of Puerto Cabeza." Throughout my time in Puerto God kept saying to me I created you to reach these children, I created you to reach these children. It was amazing working with the Guardian's. They are kids but God uses them in a mighty way. One church we attended and did the service the kids went out into the congregation and started laying hands on people and praying for them and it was so amazing. It is the children that are going to bring a change to this world.


  1. wow, it sounds like you had an awesome experience. You are so lucky you are still down there, I'll be praying for you,

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    The picture is so good.