Master's Commission Camp

I helped out this past week in a camp for all three years of Master's Commission students. It was different from normal camps that we have because it was specifically meant to give them a break, let them have fun, and be ministered to. It was two days full of fun and good food. They ate American food and I helped cook all kinds of party foods for them. Many of the students had tears in their eyes just because of the food. At night we had services and they were powerful; God really ministered to everyone. My favorite service was the last one on Wednesday morning. The worship was powerful and then we divided into groups. I was with one group and I let them share what God had spoken to them during this camp. It was so awsome because what God had put on my heart to talk to them about went right along with what God had spoken to most of them. I then prayed with my group and it was amazing. Then I was able to do something Ihave never done before which was serve communion. It was such an honor to be able to serve all of them communion.
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