Third Country

Panama City, Panama

We were supposed to fly to the Kuna Islands and work with the Indians but there was a problem with our plane so we stayed and ministered in Panama City. I was a little bummed at first but I know God does everything for a reason. We were able to go into many highschool's and do programs and the kids were all very receptive. We were still able to work with the Kuna's because there is a village in a dump called Kuna Nega and we went there two times. The second program we did was absolutely heart breaking for me. There were so many children there and we tried to do a prayer line but it didn't work because every child that came through was bawling and would hug you and not let go. One little girl named, Nadia, for the longest time wouldn't talk to me. She just sat in my lap and cried. She finally told me that her dad is an alcoholic and beats her mom. It kills me when I see these kids so broken and hurt.

The next day we did the children's service at a nice, big church. This church was like an American church, the people all had money. But when we did a prayer line the kids were just as broken and had the same hurts as the kids at the dump. Many of the kids came up crying because their parent's were getting a divorce. God just spoke to me saying that it doesn't matter if you are rich or poor everyone has the same problems and the only that can fix it is Him.

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