Save the best for last

Our last country to work in was Honduras. Honduras holds a special place in the hearts of each and every World Warrior. We worked in a town called Los Cedros that was the first town conquered by the Spanish in Honduras. We stayed in a home that was 210 years old. The streets were cobblestone and it was such a picturesque place. This was the only place in which we stayed at the same place and worked with the same people the entire time. I believe that made a huge difference because we were able to make relationships. There was a little girl named Cristal and she had curly hair, too. The people were so amazing and sweet. They made us feel right at home and Honduran food is definately the best. We were able to really pour in and be apart of those people's lives. One lady wanted us to come and pray for her in her home because she is in an abusive relationship and her husband had just beaten her a few days prior and she has internal bleeding. Things such as that are very common in Cedros and for the week we were there the people didn't feel as though everyone and God had forgotten them. We were able to portray God's love to them all and I know it changed their lives. On the last day we had a big fiesta for all the kids and we said whoever brings the most friends will receive a big prize. This awsome 12 yr. old named Bryan brought over 20 friends so he received a brand new bike. He was so excited and started to cry. It was really hard to leave that place because it was so different then when we arrived.

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