Dawan Yanny May Mumbia (God Bless You in Miskito)

Puerto Cabezas, Nicaragua

The last time I was in Nicarauga was in 2005 for Transformacion. Since then the people elected in a Communist dictator. Nicarauga has always been oppressed but even more so now. Seeing statues being put up of their new leader and big signs everywhere was proof of communistic brain washing of this country that so needs Jesus.

God has put a burden in my heart for the Miskito people and being able to finally go to them and minister was amazing. It was interesting being in a spanish speaking country but not being able to communicate with people because the speak Miskito instead of Spanish. However, in the city of Puerto Cabezas many speak both. We took about a 3 or 4 hour bus ride from Puerto Cabezas into a village/town called Columbo that had no running water or electricity. I did get really sick while I was there and missed two programs and bathing in a river. But I prayed for God to heal me and he did and by 3:00 I was up and doing home ministry. We split into groups and just started walking home to home and did whatever work they had and witnessed and prayed for them.

We stayed in these little wooden houses that didn't have locks on the doors and the girls were split up into two homes and the guys of course were in a different place. In the middle of the night many people were woken up by some drunk men outside of the house were the boys were sleeping. They were going back and forth in Miskito and Spanish but one was saying, "We have guns and machetes let's go in there and kill the gringos and take what we can." But another one said, "No, they are working with the church. We need to respect the church." There was more to the conversation but nothing happened. We give all the credit to God for watching over us.

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