Our 4th country was Costa Rica in which we joined up with King's Castle and their Almaton, which means soul-a-thon. It is one week with evangelizing teams going all over the country to reach the people of Costa Rica. One of my favorite things we did in Costa Rica was all 400 of us invaded downtown San Jose, which reminded me a lot of the French Quarter in New Orleans. We went marching through the streets proclaiming Jesus Christ as our Saviour. Then we split into teams and went witnessing and then did a program. It was really awsome and God touched many people. I was shocked to feel how cold it was. I always wore a hoodie at night and slept inside my sleeping bag. A huge factor in my love for Costa Rica was the coffee, in which they served us at every meal; amazing. Costa Rica was tough for us all and I think it was because we expected it to be the easiest. Many of the girls became really sick there. At the end of the week we all gathered together and did a big program in the park and passed out tracks to the people driving by in cars. The news station even came out and interviewed and taped us doing Supertones and Mi Rey Jesus.

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