Vendo Tamales

We have been working in an area outside of San Salvador called Apopa. Within Apopa we have been in Popotlan which is the most dangerous area there. We have been doing programs and Kid's Quest. Yesterday was quite a bit different because we did a prayer walk through Popotlan declaring the strongholds and walls fall down just like they did in Jericho. After the prayer walk we hit the streets and sold tamales. It was a lot of fun walking with plastic tubs of tamales yelling "Vendo Tamales" which is what all the street vendors say when they are selling something. Vendo means I am selling. We were saleing them to help raise money so the busses could come out and pick up the kids from Apopa on Saturday and Sunday. After we finished I was so hungry so I ate one of the tamales; it was really good except for a few pieces of the chicken foot I almost choked on. Yes, they eat chicken feet here.

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  1. Hey I just wanted to leave a comment since I never do! I'm praying for you! Things are going crazy over here. Wednesday was the last day of class for the interns. It was so sad. Today and tomorrow we will be preparing for the conference next week. Graduation is so soon. Well your in my prayers I love you so much!