Such a need

This is one of the views from the house that I live in. At night it is really cool because it is pitch black but you can see lights all out on the mountains. Today at church Master's Commission did a drama that was, no doubt, the best I have ever seen. The salvation's that came forth because of it was incredible. Kids went down just balling there eyes out wanting to be saved. After church all the missionary's went to Wendy's to eat. Then we went to the Triplett's house for a meeting, which is across the street from us. We discussed all the things we needed to do for this summer. Just sitting there hearing some of the stories of normal things that are dealt with humbles me so. There are apparantly so many kids in the church that are hungry but they never complain or ask for food...you don't even know they are hurting. After the meeting Bro. Don invited over all the Master's Commission students and we had a big get together. They ordered pizza and when Bro. Don started to pray over the food all of them just started praying. They were genuinely so thankful to God that they were able to eat pizza. It really humbled me because when I remember to pray over my food it is just a quick thing to appease the guilt that I feel or to appease tradition but they were thankful. I am so blessed and take things, such as food, for granted. Then Karen, another MA, and I went to the store so I could buy some food and a few things I needed and the store sold TABASCO!!! I was shocked because I couldn't even find Cayenne pepper but they had Tabasco. So I bought some and it made me happy. Now on our little table we have Tabasco and it reminds me of home. Tomorrow I will be working on getting my residency visa.
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  1. Anonymous8:08 PM CST

    Wow, that is so good. We do take for granted the little things in our world.