This morning I helped in the nursery and after church I was with Janell when she found out that Tara could not preach this evening at a women's group because she was sick. Janell was stressing because that put the burden on her to have to do it and she wasn't prepared. As we were talking she asked if I would share my testimony with these women. I said I would and around 4:30 drove to a neighborhood I had actually done programs in with my first team in 2005. As we were worshipping, I felt God really burden my heart to talk about forgiveness. Forgiveness of those who have abused you. I know that all kinds of abuse is very prevalent here and God wanted to heal. As I was speaking one women in particular, named Paz which means Peace, was crying. So when I finished we asked if any wanted prayer to come up. Well, she was the first one up but almost all responded. She had a very hard story but basically she has been abused her entire life by her mom, her mom's boyfriends, and her aunt. However, she said after we prayed she actually felt like she has forgiven them. The really cool thing is she lives far away from where we were and the only reason she came was because her son is a Guardian of the Vision, which is the next discipleship after Club Castillo, and he wanted her to come. We told her it was not an accident that she came and God had it all in His plan.

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  1. Anonymous7:49 PM CST


    I've just read your blogs for the past week, and it's so awesome how God is using you to reach out to people like Paz. You go, girl!

    You're in our prayers.