Love Culture

Sunday night Derick Jackson, Chi Alpha Pastor at LSU, spoke about having a love culture. Here are a few statements that he made.
People are drawn to love.
Love is unselfishly choosing for the highest good of another.
We are God's love to other people.

Some scriptures he used were John 13:35, Romans 5:8, 1 John 4:10, Mathew 5:43-48

After hearing his message I was really convicted of my selfishness. I have really started to ask myself while I am doing certain things, "Who am I doing this for? Myself or Others?" So many times we have such a bad attitude about doing things and that is not right. Examine yourself through out the day and see the motive or your heart and remember that we are supposed to first, Love God with all our heart and second, love our neighbors as ourselves. Are we loving our neighbors, those we like and dislike, as much as we love ourselves?

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