Las Delicias

I tagged along with Karen to a little community about 45 minutes from San Salvador called Las Delicias. This little girl, Danielle, was one of the many beautiful children here. Karen was taking pictures of the children for brochures for sponsership. Many of the older children were embarassed to have their picture taken. I asked one of the teacher's why that was so and she said because the kids think they are ugly. When she said that it just broke my heart.
We were also able to help the Pastor's wife cook and then serve the meal to the children in the feeding program.

This weekend at the Campemento and I have an hour to share my testimony and what God has done in my life for the morning devotion. I pray that God gives me the words to say and annoints them so that He may receive the glory.

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  1. Anonymous9:11 AM CST

    Where can we get info on sponsoring a child?
    I remember the children to be so beautiful with their big, wonderful smiles.