Children of the War

Hijos de la Guerra (Children of the War) is premiering on June 9 at the Seattle International Film Festival. It is really hard for me to watch this because this is what we are fighting against. We are trying to reach the children for Jesus before the gangs get them.

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  1. Anonymous6:18 PM CST

    Oh, Kristal, that's horrible. I just watched that video and I can't even imagine having to face something like that. Those kids! I can't believe they start so young! I pray God protects you and everyone else who comes in contact with these gang members. I pray their hearts are softened by the Lord and you guys can reach them before it is too late. I am so encouraged by your blog entries. I love to read them and look forward to hearing more! Be strong in Him. We can already see what he is going to do through you!
    Love ya girl,