The pattern of my life, the puzzle that is me.

I was browsing over some of my older post and as I read "Call to Holiness" on 10-06. I feel, as though, I need to elaborate. I am in no way, shape, or form recanting what I said, however, I do feel holiness is more than not just doing things. Being pious does not mean we are holy. In fact, I will never be holy until I am with Jesus in Heaven. But I strive to become holy as He is Holy. I do think that believers need to stop associateing themselves so much with the world by supporting entertainment that is not pleasing to God. I also know that it is impossible, unless you are a hermit, to seperate yourself completely from the world's entertainment. If I said I never watch tv, I would be lying. I strive not to watch tv, and I do not agree with much that is on. But there are times, once in a while, when I will watch something like last night, I watched a documentary on Jim Jones, which put so much sorrow in my heart. I just believe that we need to be praying, studying, reading, the word and spending more time with Jesus. In Blue Like Jazz by Donald Miller he said, "I believe the greatest trick of the devil is not to get us into some sort of evil but rather have us wasting time. This is why the devil tries so hard to get Christians to be religious. If he can sink a man's mind into habit, he will prevent his heart from engaging God." If you get to a point where you have given up all these things just so you can think you are holy or you look down upon others who have not given up such things the whole purpose is completely defeated and you can call yourself a pharisee. No one is perfect or holy but God alone...we, believers, are all on this journey together to become like Him; to know the Kingdom of God. The exciting part is we do not have to wait until the eternal life to experiance it.

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