Dare You to Dream

This was written by missionary Don and Terri Triplett, whom I will be working under in El Salvador. Their dream is also a dream of mine.

1.) Terri and I dream of raising up a model children’s ministry model for El Salvador and all the countries where King’s Castle is working.

2.) Terri and I dream of training hundreds of children to become a Generation for God in a nation where 93% of the children do not have a traditional family.

3.) Terri and I dream of giving the children a chance to dream of becoming something other than a gang member in the barrios.

4.) Terri and I dream of pastoring a church where every child is trained to serve and is actively engaged in Vertically Integrated Ministry, from birth to the grave.

5.) Terri and I dream of demonstrating Compassion to the children, the widow, the orphan, and the poor through every available means.

6.) Terri and I dream of systematically explaining the Gospel to every child in San Salvador through Strategic Target Evangelism.

7.) Terri and I dream of raising a vast army of children’s workers to give an adequate explanation of the Gospel to every child in El Salvador and the world.

8.) Terri and I dream of being “Missionaries to the Future” as we make Jesus famous to the next generation.

9.) Terri and I dream of Transforming Nations for Christ through Effective Children’s Ministries.

10.) Terri and I dream of having a SAFE place for children and families to seek God through a variety of activities not available in the barrios: Feeding Center, School, Clinic, Sports Facilities, Vocational Training, Special Skills Training, Pool, Rescue Center and many more opportunities in conjunction with our Christian Camping Program at our other King’s Castle Dream Center Facilities.

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