Be the change

I am itching for a change...to be a change. I am tired of being just a believer; I want to be a follower. I want to go against the grain. I want people to see Jesus in me ...'this revolution must begin with me.'

Today I was at Whole Foods and this elderly man and I were looking at the same product and he excused himself for being in my way. I told him he wasn't. I then asked him if he was a WWII veteran. (Anything to start a conversation, plus I find that veteran's are proud of what they did and it makes them feel good that someone in the younger generation cares.) I told him my grandfather was a Pearl Harbor survivor and we just started talking. He then asked me if I am in the military. I told him I had thought about it in highschool but God has different plans for my life. I proceeded to tell him what I was going to be doing in El Salvador. He continued to ask me questions like what I believed, what I would be doing. I was able just to share with this fellow all kinds of stuff. He asked me with a smile, "Do you like to preach?" I said, "Sure, I love to tell people what Jesus has done for me."

The revolution begins everyday when I wake up and offer myself as a LIVING sacrifice.
The revolution begins when I stop thinking of myself and put others before me.
The revolution begins when I decide to live moment by moment and in everything reflect Jesus Christ.
The revolution begins when I stop misrepresenting Him.

Will you be so "radical" to join the movement and follow in His steps?

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