Back home

Well, baby Emily and her family have been back home for a week now. Because she is on oxygen and feeding tubes it is really hard for her mom to get the other two children to and from school so that is what I am doing. Emily looks great. She is a little over 10 pounds!!!! Can you believe it? She is truly a miracle baby, surviving being born at 23 weeks and weighing less than a one lbs. She is so adorable and except for all the tubes looks like a normal two month old, healthy baby girl. Technically, she is 2 months old because they go by the due date. At the end of May they have to go back to Philly and if she still can not eat without the feeding tube (the kind that goes in through her nose) they will put in a more permenant one through her stomach. But I am praying that will not happen. It is so wonderful to see this baby at home with her family, finally. I just praise God for all he has done in their lives.

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