Yay God!

This past weekend was Deluge IV at Bethany and was simply amazing. Deluge is held during the Mardis Gras holidays and is strategically chosen to combat the devil during this sinful holiday and to celebrate the power of the Holy Spirit. There is nothing better than on Fat Tuesday worshipping God and soaking in the Spirit. Being filled with the joy; unlike those in New Orleans who are getting on drunk and filling themselves with false joy. I have gone to Mardis Gras in New Orleans in the past and saturated myself in sin and nothing the devil offers can compare to what the Lord has and I would not trade it for anything. During this time God opened my eyes and took me to another level.

1.) Because of the holidays I have been watching Sydney and Tyler all day. Yesterday I took them to the levy to ride bikes. While we were out there we started talking about Heaven and how awsome it is going to be. We talked about the things of God for about an hour. Now this is a 6 and a 9 year old. I was able to share with them what it REALLY means to accept Jesus in your heart. Tyler the 6 yr. old said, "Miss Kristal some people ask Jesus into their heart but they don't really mean it and they won't go to Heaven will they?" Sydney said, "You know how much our parents love us? Well, Jesus loves us so much more than that!" The absolute best part of the whole conversation was when Sydney asked me, ..."What about the people in El Salvador and Nicaragua who have never heard about Jesus? Will they still go to hell?" And I was able to tell her that is why it is so important for missionaries to GO and TEll people about Jesus. I hope and pray that the seed of missions will root deep into her heart.

2.) Mike, the father of baby Emily, called me last night and told me he was going back up to Philly to visit the kids. I told him that I and many other people have been praying for the cyst to go away in Emily. He told me the cyst is not even a problem anymore and, in fact, it has shrunk. Praise God! We talked almost 30 minutes and I was able to just share the Love of God and encourage Him. It was absolutely amazing.

Many times as I go through my daily life I think that I am not making impressions on people or I am not sharing the gospel like I should but when you are aware of the situations around you the Lord opens up opportunities. I am just so stoked at what God is doing around me and that He has chosen me to be one of His messenges; it is such an honor and I can not describe the overwhelming joy that is bubbling up inside of me.

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