Wake Up America...missionaries are coming to us!

Today in the store I ran into a young man from Mongolia. He is a missionary here for one year. I asked him how open the people in Mongolia are to Jesus. He said everyone knows who Jesus is and that Christianity is good. This is a buddhist nation sending a spirit filled Christian to America. He said more people seem to be open to the gospel in Mongolia than they are here. A nation that is supposed to be a "Christian" nation is, in all actuallity, blinded to its own moral decay. All over the world people are crying out for more of Jesus and He is answering. But here in the USA we are living in luxery and appear to have no need of Him. Wake up America and arise from your slumber! It seems nations that have been against the gospel are now open to it and the country that was based on religious freedom is slowly closing the doors on it and the church is allowing it to happen by sitting back in our complacency and forming churches to fit the mold of non-abrasive, non-offending, liberality. What is being taught in most American churches today is not the gospel of Jesus Christ. The gospel does not always inspire, motivate, or make you feel good. It is ..."the way, the truth, and the light..." it is convicting, empowering, reveals sin, and shows what a horrible person you are and how much you need a Saviour.

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  1. Anonymous10:28 AM CST

    i completely agree with you - what a wake up call! jesus is coming when we least expect it and it seems as though that time is closer than what we think! please god wake my spirit up and fill me with your awareness!