All the days are NOW for Him

Well, the new year has quickly come upon us. I really thought that I would be in El Salvador by now; but I am not. However, I know there is a reason for it. I am striving to be like Paul, content in all situations. Allowing God to use me wherever I may be.

I have been watching two children ever since the fall school semester started because their mother went into labor and had their sister 23 weeks early. Now at 25 or 26 weeks later, the baby is still in the hospital. It has been such a joy to get to know this family and to help them out. But I know the best way I have been helping them out is praying for the healing of baby Emily. That may be a reason why I am still here.

I have learned so much this past year. My faith has greatly increased. Everyday God reveals things in me that need to be worked on; that need to be changed. That may be a reason why I am still here.

I can not wait to leave for El Salvador but I know there are people everywhere who need Jesus and I want to do what I can, wherever I am.

As I was reading "Mere Christianity" by C.S. Lewis there is a chapter entitled Time and Beyond Time. This short excerpt really stood out to me and helped me understand God's timing a little better. "...suppose God is outside and above the time-line. In that case, what we call 'tomorrow' is visible to Him in just the same way as what we call 'today'. All the days are 'Now' for Him."."

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