I am ready for the second Advent of Jesus' Coming

Every time we approach the anniversary of our Lord’s first Advent here on earth, I am reminded of the great gift of God to this world. How privileged we are to be messengers of the greatest hope the world has ever known!

With each passing Christmas, the reality of this hope seems to increase in intensity in my heart. How grateful I am that the Messiah came as a babe in a manger in Bethlehem. But I am even more grateful to have the privilege of seeing His pattern and plan for the redemption of humankind unfolding today.

With each Christmas season, this message becomes clearer. The events of our world are taking place according to the prophecies of the Old Testament. All that Jesus came to do while He was here on earth is being fulfilled today through the extension of that glorious plan for His kingdom. We are indeed privileged to live in this hour.

Surely the second Advent of His coming is at hand, for the signs are everywhere. I believe this Christmas is a time when we need to look up, for our redemption draws nigh.


John Bueno

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