Christmas Freebies

 Who loves freebies?

 I know I do. Do you know what I love even more than freebies??? Freebies that are legit freebies, no sign ups, no follow me just real freebies that I can easily download. If you are like me then this is for  you. 

This year has been so crazy and I have hardly blogged. The most recent craziness were the back-to-back hurricanes that hit us (Honduras).  Thankfully, we are good and apart from a leaky roof our home didn't receive damage.  Thousands of others across the country can not say the same.  I will blogging more on the relief efforts soon. 

So here are the FREE things and I hope you enjoy! 

Freebie #1 Scripture Writing Chart for December

This daily writing chart focuses on Luke chapter 2.  You can jump to the bottom of the post and download this bundle.

Freebie #2  Christmas Printable in English and Spanish. 

The bundle has both versions. 

Freebie #3 Christmas Phone Wallpaper in English and Spanish.

 Just take a screenshot and save the picture to your phone.

Freebie #4  iOS 14 Christmas App Icons

If you need a tutorial on how to add the icons to your phone you can watch here: Aesthetic iOS 14 Tutorial 

Click here for your freebie bundle.

Click here for your aesthetic Christmas app icons.


Honduras and Hurricane Eta

In the midst of COVID and the US Presidential elections the worst hurricane to hit Honduras since Mitch battered and devastated Nicaragua, Honduras, and Guatemala Nov. 5, 2020. 

Waters still haven't receded and people have been on rooftops for days. As usual, there is little to no help from the government. Every thing I see brings back memories of Hurricane Katrina  (which was the last hurricane that I experienced.) 

Think of the chaos and destruction that happens in the States; it is tripled in third world countries and relief efforts are done by the people or outside help. Thankfully, the US Army has been working tirelessly and El Salvador is helping in the rescue efforts.  It is sad to say but there is more outside help that actual help from the Honduran government. 

It is a devastating situation for these countries that were already in crisis. 

If you would like to send help you can do so here: Honduras Hurricane Eta Relief



Taking Root Wherever You Are

My family is an outdoor family. We are on the river, beach, or in the mountains every free chance we get. We are blessed to be minutes from it all. Not being able to get out and enjoy nature, as we have done before because of the 4 months straight strict quarantine, has been difficult on us. We go through our moments of cabin fever for sure.  My runs have kept me sane. Since wearing masks in public has been a law since this all started, I wake up really early to go for a run in my neighborhood to avoid people and to run without a mask.

Taking Root Wherever You May Be

The other thing I have been doing more of is gardening.  However, you can't buy plants because everything is closed.  We have quite a few small parks and green areas in our neighborhood full of plants and flowers.   I always keep my eyes out for cuttings when people work in their yards or from the public areas. One day, as I was running, I noticed that the grass had recently been cut around a canal area that has a huge cactus that I have had my eyes on for a while.  I couldn't figure out how to get a cutting because I don't have any gloves. This particular morning there were quite a few pieces cut off of it and just laying on the ground. One-piece, in particular, looked scraggly but I was able to gently hold it without getting poked and it had a few roots on it. Cactus are pretty durable plants, so even if it had been uprooted a few days it might still have a second chance.

I planted it straight into the ground around three weeks ago. It hadn't dried up but I hadn't seen any kind of change in it.  The rocks I had around it to support it weren't needed so it had seemed to take root, even though I still wasn't seeing anything different. The past couple nights it has been pouring so yesterday I went out to check on my plants and I saw new growth. It surprised me because it literally came up overnight.

Cutting from a cacti blooming in a garden

Many of us were all like the original cacti plant before the quarantine. We were thriving, connected to the church, active in ministry.  After a few weeks into the quarantine, you may have felt disconnected, cut off, or separated and it has affected your spiritual life.  Maybe you depended on the "church" or your friends too much.  God sees you and says "You still have roots." So He picks us up and plants us somewhere else.  With time and care, we start to take root.  We start to grow and flower again.

I must admit it has been a strange time.  Especially as missionaries, it has been weird because I have been quarantined to my home (we are only allowed out once every 15 days). It is easy to feel useless during this time but the ministry hasn't stopped, it's just changed.  My counseling sessions aren't in person, they are virtual.  Instead of being out in the streets giving out food I'm behind the computer raising funds. Instead of someone else taking care of my kids while I work, I am now with them 24/7 and I'm able to pour into them. It's a time to wait and pray. Don't feel discarded or disconnected know that you are taking root and even if it doesn't seem like it, you are growing.

One week exactly after taking the original picture I wanted to take another one to show how much the cacti had changed.  It took weeks to stand on its own and to show change but once it did, it can't be stopped.
new growth of a cacti in a Honduran garden
 Psalm 1:3 ESV "He is like a tree planted by streams of water that yields its fruit in its season, and its leaf does not wither. In all that he does, he prospers."

Take root and prosper in all you do.