Christmas Freebies

 Who loves freebies?

 I know I do. Do you know what I love even more than freebies??? Freebies that are legit freebies, no sign ups, no follow me just real freebies that I can easily download. If you are like me then this is for  you. 

This year has been so crazy and I have hardly blogged. The most recent craziness were the back-to-back hurricanes that hit us (Honduras).  Thankfully, we are good and apart from a leaky roof our home didn't receive damage.  Thousands of others across the country can not say the same.  I will blogging more on the relief efforts soon. 

So here are the FREE things and I hope you enjoy! 

Freebie #1 Scripture Writing Chart for December

This daily writing chart focuses on Luke chapter 2.  You can jump to the bottom of the post and download this bundle.

Freebie #2  Christmas Printable in English and Spanish. 

The bundle has both versions. 

Freebie #3 Christmas Phone Wallpaper in English and Spanish.

 Just take a screenshot and save the picture to your phone.

Freebie #4  iOS 14 Christmas App Icons

If you need a tutorial on how to add the icons to your phone you can watch here: Aesthetic iOS 14 Tutorial 

Click here for your freebie bundle.

Click here for your aesthetic Christmas app icons.

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