Honduras and Hurricane Eta

In the midst of COVID and the US Presidential elections the worst hurricane to hit Honduras since Mitch battered and devastated Nicaragua, Honduras, and Guatemala Nov. 5, 2020. 

Waters still haven't receded and people have been on rooftops for days. As usual, there is little to no help from the government. Every thing I see brings back memories of Hurricane Katrina  (which was the last hurricane that I experienced.) 

Think of the chaos and destruction that happens in the States; it is tripled in third world countries and relief efforts are done by the people or outside help. Thankfully, the US Army has been working tirelessly and El Salvador is helping in the rescue efforts.  It is sad to say but there is more outside help that actual help from the Honduran government. 

It is a devastating situation for these countries that were already in crisis. 

If you would like to send help you can do so here: Honduras Hurricane Eta Relief


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