Top 5 Exercise Videos for Kids Ages 3-5

Little girl climbing monkey bars on a playground on a sunny day

Do you need to get your kids moving? Do you want to help them burn off some extra energy or stress? 

 I don't know about you but my kids don't like just any exercise video; they are picky. Here are the best exercise videos for kids ages 3-5.

Thankfully, we live in the tropics and the weather has been nice this entire quarantine (we are on day 51).  So I send my kids outside to play as much as possible. However, I am always looking for extra help to get my kids moving and burning their excessive energy. There are so many resources and videos out there but I find there are minimal resources for kindergarten and pre-k age kids when it comes to exercising. And the ones I have found my kids don't like them. I've come across a few that my kids have really loved. They love these videos so much that they ask me to do them repeatedly.

Here are our top 5 exercise videos for kids ages 3-5

1. Jack Hartman Exercise to 100. This is great because my kids exercise and have learned how to count to 100 at the same time. This one is their absolute favorite but they like all Jack Hartman videos from The Learning Station.


2. Zumba kids- This is the only video my kids like doing that isn't animated. I think my daughter likes this one the best but they both have fun doing it.  


3. Go Noodle- Maximo   Maximo is a Spanish character who leads fun songs like The Chicken Dance, The Electric Slide in English but with a Spanish accent. This is a fun one that all the moms can enjoy doing with their kids. 

4. Transformer Dance- My son is obsessed with Transformers and came across this dance video and both of them fell in love. It is so random and I believe in Japanese. My kids love it and even sing the song. So they are exercising and learning another language.

5. Kids Daily Workout- This last one is the only one that is an actual workout routine but my kids love it. They have many different routines to choose from. 


I think we are all looking for creative ways to keep our kids busy and occupied while constantly at home.  We try to encourage the kids to play outside more than doing videos but we all need reinforcements. I hope your kids enjoy these videos as much as mine have.  If you have a favorite that has worked for this age group share in the comments below.

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