Quarantine Doesn't Look the Same for Everyone

Quarantine is very different depending on where you live.   In the States, being quarantined means you can still order food from restaurants, you can go to the store whenever you want, you can drive around or maybe go to remote places and enjoy the outdoors. Honestly, even within the United States people are living completely different lives while quarantined and it is important to be sensitive to those needs.

Two different families: One family taking a seflie, and another family looking for coins.
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In Honduras, and other third world countries, it looks very different. 

March 13- Schools were shut down (we have been doing online classes since then.)

March 14- No meetings over 50 people so church services were shut down and all sporting events.

March 15- A curfew was put into place...no leaving your home 6:00 pm to 6:00 am

March 16- Quarantine- everything shut down except grocery stores, banks.

Skip to April 21, 2020 Day 37 and we are still under quarantine but they have opened up hardware stores.

The grocery stores, banks, and hardware stores are open from 9-5 M-F and the general public is only allowed out once a week according to the number on your license, passport etc.

Masks and gloves are required if you leave your house.

A Honduran day wager with a bag of food

 My heart is breaking for the day wagers and all the people who have been fired from their jobs. Almost everyone I know has been laid off. There is no help from the government whatsoever. (I could go into more detail here but I won't).  There is no social security, stimulus checks,  unemployment to help those in need which is well over half the country.

Also, we have the highest death rate from COVID-19 in the Americas largely due to not testing. So you have something to compare El Salvador with a population of 6 million has tested over 7,000 people. Honduras with a population of 9 million hasn't even tested 3,000.  

When all this started I was worried about the day wagers and elderly beggars that wouldn't be getting any help so I started a fundraiser on Paypal in which we were able to feed around 150 families. The bag of food contained the basics that a family of four would be able to use for around 2 weeks or more if they rationed it out.

So many people received these food bags with tears of thankfulness streaming down their faces because they literally had no food. Most of Honduras' population depends on what they make in one day. If you work; you eat. If you don't work; you don't eat.

A vehicle with food bags being given away in Honduras

The need has worsened, people are starving.

People are protesting, they need to go back to work but we haven't even hit our "peak" yet.

This has been a trying time for so many.
A Honduran man on the street begging holding a food bag

I have started a new fundraiser, to again, give food to those who are hungry. If it is something you are interested in just click on the link. There is no amount that is too small to be able to bless someone who is in need.  If you'd like to help you can click on the PayPal link: Feeding the Hungry in Honduras


  1. Ugh, so scary. Here in Ohio, it seems like there is a large amount of people who really aren't taking it seriously.

    1. Unfortunately, that seems to be the case everywhere. I guess until something happens to someone close to them they will. It's sad