4 Common Excuses That Keep You From Reaching Your Potential

We are experts at making excuses. We can make up excuses for anything. We make up excuses to justify our fear, lack of ability, or simply to make feel okay about maintaining in our comfort zone.  However, the worst kind of excuses are the ones we offer to God. 

4 Common Excuses That Keep You From Your Reaching Your Potential-Look at some of the excuses Moses gave to God and how we can give those same excuses to keep us in our comfort zone.  Moses' excuses teach us so much about God's personality and his sovereignty.  Stop making excuses and let these Bible verse give you the courage you need to reach your full potential. #stopmakingexcuses #reachyourfullpotential


Our excuses are nothing new.  God is a pro at countering your weak excuses. I've been reading recently in Exodus.   A very powerful, educated man who had more than enough ability to lead an entire people group to freedom offered the same excuses we find ourselves saying on a daily basis. That man's name is Moses.   Moses was prepared in the palace as a prince. He was highly educated, he had power, riches, and prestige.  It baffles me that he used some of the same excuses that I have used.  It just shows you that it doesn't matter what you have or don't have that as humans we make excuses. As humans, we believe we can't do it.   Or we go to the other extreme and believe we can do it all on our own.  God prefers the latter.  He wants us to be weak so He can be strong.

Let's take a look at 4 excuses that Moses used and the comparison to the present day excuse and what God has to say about it.

1.) Who am I that I should go to Pharoah and bring the Israelites out of Egypt?

 Excuses that we make:  I don't have the upbringing. I don't have a degree. My family isn't well known.

What God Says.  "I will be with you."

You don't have to fear position or prestige because God will be with you and shine His favor upon you.

 "And God said, “I will be with you. And this will be the sign to you that it is I who have sent you: When you have brought the people out of Egypt, you will worship God on this mountain.” Exodus 3:12

2.) "What if they ask, What is the name of the God who sent you?" 

Excuses that we make: No one is going to believe me. People will think I'm crazy. Maybe God didn't really say that.   

What God says, "I AM WHO I AM."

His name indicates that He doesn't depend on others. When it comes to what He says we need to take it as that. He covers us and gives us authority. His resources are never spent.

 "God said to Moses, “I am who I am. This is what you are to say to the Israelites: ‘I am has sent me to you." Exodus 3:14

3.) "What if the Israelites don't believe me?"

Excuses we make: I don't feel accepted.  They don't like me.  No one is going to think that God spoke to me. 

What God says, "I will back you up with signs and wonders." 

If we obey and do what God says He will come through for us.  God showed Moses three different miraculous signs and because of those signs, there would be no doubt that he was God's messenger.  

"Then the Lord said, “If they do not believe you or pay attention to the first sign, they may believe the second. But if they do not believe these two signs or listen to you, take some water from the Nile and pour it on the dry ground. The water you take from the river will become blood on the ground."Exodus 4:8,9

4.) "I don't speak well."

Excuses we make: I'm not a good public speaker.  Speaking isn't my thing.  It's not my gifting or area.

What God says, "Am I not the one who created your mouth? Go and I will give you the words to say." 

The Lord said to him, “Who gave human beings their mouths? Who makes them deaf or mute? Who gives them sight or makes them blind? Is it not I, the Lord? 12 Now go; I will help you speak and will teach you what to say.” Exodus 4:11

God answered each and ever one of Moses' excuses and Moses accepted the calling and never looked back.  There is so much to learn from this but stop letting excuses keep you from reaching your full potential.  I know what it means to make excuses and all those excuses to keep me from reaching my potential in the calling God has for me.  I let the fear of speaking in my second language dominate me. (Full story here The Giant is Dead ) It held me back and controlled me until one day I said no more excuses.  Just like Moses I finally stepped into my calling and haven't looked back. 

God is no respecter of persons and great servants of the Lord have to battle through their excuses to get to their calling.   


No one feels worthy or ready. But God says, "In my eyes you are worthy and maybe you aren't ready but I will walk with you and if need be I will carry you; just trust in me."  Decide today that excuses will no longer govern you. They will no longer keep you from reaching your full potential.


  1. If God is asking us to do something, He will give us the ability and the energy and the strength to do it. We don't have to just consider our own resources, since doing the thing in our own strength isn't what He wants anyway!

    1. Right! He is all we need. We just have to change our way of thinking.