God is Always Working

God is Always Working- In the middle of bad things happening where is our trust? Who do we go to first? Do we maintain an attitude of praise? #ministry #christianblogger #missions #honduras #eslteacher

Even though you can’t see it, God is working.

Since coming back from Colombia I’ve felt bombarded and overwhelmed. I came home and immediately started teaching. My third grade class is a difficult one but that’s not what I’m going to write about.  I teach Language Arts to two different third grade classes. I have to go back and forth between classes and bring all my stuff with me. I am the homeroom teacher of Third A.  I was in Third B giving a class, when the bell rang I gathered up (or I thought I did) my computer and all my teaching supplies.  At that time,  I went back to my classroom to finish the last class of the day but didn't use my computer.  After getting home, I didn't check my computer. The next day, after Bible class, I had Spelling with Third B. So I got all my supplies and went to the other classroom. As I was getting ready to show my students a video I realized my computer charger was not in my bag. I started to panic because my computer is my life here at work. Remember, I live in Honduras so to replace it would be a huge ordeal. I asked the homeroom teacher of Third B about it and she said she found a computer charger but didn’t know whose it was so she put it in her desk. However, when I opened the desk drawer it was not there.

We came to the conclusion that it had been stolen. At this point I was angry, not at her, but that our personal possessions aren't safe at school. I was mad at myself because I’m usually so careful about taking anything of value home. My day was ruined. I know I had a bad attitude and I know I reacted in a way I shouldn’t have but I was just so frustrated. That night and next morning, as I was praying, I just put it in God’s hands. I prayed, along with my whole family, that whoever took it would feel convicted and give it back. I also had to ask for forgiveness because of my bad attitude and frustration.

 Over the next few days I lost hope that it would turn up. I started looking for ways to get a new charger because it’s a necessity with my job. On Tuesday, almost a week later, the homeroom teacher of Third B told me that she opened up her desk drawer and my charger was there. Someone put it back on the very same day that I was going to order it online. God knew; He was working even though I couldn’t see it. I don’t know who took it or why. I’m just so happy that they gave it back.

What can I learn from this? I know I did not have the best attitude and I let my emotions get the better of me. I need to learn to praise God in all situations. But it is so hard sometimes.  I need to put my problems in God's hands from the beginning and not worry about it.

 I need to work on putting this verse to practice in my life.

Philippians 4:6,7  "Don’t worry about anything; instead, pray about everything. Tell God what you need, and thank him for all he has done. Then you will experience God’s peace, which exceeds anything we can understand. His peace will guard your hearts and minds as you live in Christ Jesus."


  1. Many times I have reacted the same way. Instead of stopping, praying, breathing and then going forth I let it all rush to my head, where I react whether verbally, physically or do all the talking in my head. I am working on working on first going to God, but it isn't easy to let go of old ways. Loved this.

    1. Right? It's like we know what we need to do but actually doing it when our emotions are going crazy is a completely different thing. I agree with you. The old ways are hard to change but the first step is to recognize that we need God, we can't do it alone. Hopefully, my next faith/trust test will go better the first time around.

  2. It can be difficult not to let worry, fears, etc... lead the way. We have to continue to practice going to God first with everything. It's not always easy, but the more we do it the easier it will get - and it is always worth it. Thanks for sharing! God bless you :)

    1. Yes, the more we practice the easier it is. And I agree, it is so worth it.