Hold Your Hands Up High

Hold Your Hands Up High. The key to surrender is holding your hands up high. It's how you get the victory and how you live a victorious life.  #victoriouslife #freedom #getthevictory
I took this picture towards the end of a short jungle hike. I came and I conquered! I took it just playing around but as I was looking at the picture I was reminded of the time Moses had to keep his staff in the air. As long as his hands were lifted high, Israel prevailed. If he dropped his hands, the Amalekites gained the advantage. It made me think about how difficult it must have been to keep his hands raised. I probably couldn't even do it five minutes and with the supernatural help of the Holy Spirit, his brother, and a friend he was able to maintain his arms uplifted for many hours until the Israelites defeated the Amalekites.

The Secret To Getting the Victory: Hold Your Hands Up High. Just like Moses had to keep his hands raised in surrender to win his battle we also have to keep our hands raised in surrender to God trusting that He is fighting our battles for us.  #christianblogger #battlebelongstothelord

There is so many things one can take from this story. But I want to focus on the position Moses' arms being raised.  Raised arms is a sign of TOTAL surrender. We raise our arms to the Lord in worship as a sign of surrender and in that surrender we are given the victory. You may only have to keep your arms raised (figuratively) for 10 minutes or for months.  Time doesn't matter. What matters is you don't put them down until you have the victory.

There are things I have been praying for for years and I have seen nothing change.  Other times I prayed for a much shorter time and I have seen those prayers answered. I don't understand God's timing. All I know He doesn't think they way we do or work the way we do.

I had been privately praying for something. Something really big that honestly I didn't know how God could do it. But He did it.  He did it in such a way that I can't deny that it was Him.  I had my arms raised for maybe a week....and I received the victory.

So just remember to keep your arms raised until you have the victory. It's okay to get weary and tired but keep your hands up high. I encourage you to read, meditate, and study on Exodus 17 and see what else God might show in this passage.