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 I have been on the mission field for 11 years; 6 years in El Salvador and 4 years in Honduras. We are approved missionaries sent out from the Assembly of God in El Salvador but what we do is a little different. We didn't raise funds. We are self supported. Occasionally, we have people who donate to us or have partnered with us for a limited time but, for the most part, we are self sustained.  In all sense of the word we do live by faith because our wages are Honduran wages which is much lower than the lowest minimum wage in the States.  I'm just saying this to give a little background but it is definitely the Lord who sustains us and it is amazing to see how God always supplies for what we need and more.

Anytime anything breaks or anyone gets sick we have to go to prayer immediately. It has been an adjustment for me but it is amazing to see God work in our lives.  In the most desperate of times, when we have had nothing, God has always come through.

So, for that reason, I have never come home to fund raise.

Why am I saying all of this? Well, the opportunity has arisen for me to go on a mission trip to Colombia.  I will be joining up with a church in El Salvador in which we will be evangelizing in schools, parks, streets, and addiction recovery centers.  We will also do a Youth Leadership Seminar.

I haven't been on a "mission trip" outside of Honduras since living here. It will be my first time leaving my children and Ruben.  We will be in Bogota, the capital of Columbia, on July 31-August 8.

Sometimes I get bummed because I feel like I don't play an active role in ministry, like I did before, because of my children.  I know that my kids are my first ministry but at times one can feel useless especially if you compare yourself to before. I know you can't play the comparison game and it's just a way for the enemy to get you down.  However, I really feel like doing this, by myself, is something I need. I believe God is going to use me and I am looking forward to a week of being able to dedicate myself to Him 100%.

With all that said. I need your help. I need to raise $1,000 before the first week of July. You can donate two different ways by clicking on either of the links below.



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