How To Overcome Mom Guilt

How to Overcome Mom Guilt-What is mom guilt and how can you overcome it. You will always have challenges of being parent don't add mom guilt to it. #momguilt #overcomemomguilt

"For am I now seeking the approval of man, or of God? Or
am I trying to please man?"...Galatians 1:10 ESV

 If we aren't comparing our bodies to other women (real ones or on the internet), we are comparing our children, our homes and the list could go on and on.

I'm out of the loop on what is really going on in the United States because I haven't lived there in over 10 years but I still get caught up in comparing myself to others. We are a multi-cultural family living in Honduras and even here I can fall into the comparison trap because I have the internet (the modern day magazine).   And wherever you are in the world and with whatever social class you are around there will always be problems with comparison.

On Instagram or even Pinterest, you can follow these super hip, cute moms and think, "I wish I had the time, money, fill in the _____________, to dress like that, or have a cute hairstyle."

Those pictures of siblings playing together in their super cute clothes with their moccasins and bonnets....my kids would be poking each other in the eyes, ripping off their bonnets and shoes. 

Then there are those accounts of nurseries and homes that are decorated in all white and have cute and trendy decorations everywhere.

 I glance at my stained couch and walls, the floor filled with toys, and not a cute decoration below 5 feet and think, "Why can't we have that?" 

The reason you can't have it is because it ain't real (Yes, ain't is a word and my Southern is coming out).
I felt like God speak to me one day that the internet is just like a magazine or movie....it isn't real. (Hello!!! Everyone knows that.)

 Anyone can create a fake life that has the appearance of perfection. So if we know it, why do we still compare ourselves to to these super fit moms who have better abs after 6 kids than I did even at 16?

Why do I feel guilty when I see 3-year-olds in "pre-school" or participating in tons of extra-curricular activities when ours just run around the house barefoot?  This feeling has been coined as "mom guilt."

Mom guilt is the feeling of guilt and worries that they are falling short of expectations in some way.

It's not what God wants.

He doesn't want us to feel guilty because our one-year-old isn't potty trained, can't spell his name, hasn't walked yet, or only has one tooth.

There are so many unrealistic standards out there and if our children don't reach them we feel bad.

 Every child is different and this is real life.

Every family is different and you set your rules and goals according to what the Lord has directed you to do. There will always be challenges of being a parent and feeling guilty all the time is not what God wants for you and your family.

How can you overcome mom guilt?

  1. Spend more time asking God for wisdom to parent your children correctly, instead of comparing them to everyone else.
  2. Read Proverbs there are so many morsels of great parenting information there.  

The same goes for your own life. Stop trying to please everyone else and just try to please God.

Trust me, it's a much better road to go down.


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