Love Revolution

During Thanksgiving week 
we had planned to take our youth group 
to give food away at a homeless shelter that our church has
  and to those on the street
 Unfortunately, the weather was bad so our plans changed 
but God was the one who orchestrated it all.  
We went to the homeless shelter and gave out food.   
Most were men except for one family, which is unusual. 
The family had three children. 
The oldest, who was around 9, was barefoot. 
 I asked the volunteer worker what their situation was 
and he said he hadn't had a chance to really talk to them 
but that they were not from La Ceiba
 and one of them was just released from the hospital. 
 It appeared they weren't homeless.  
I went to talk to the lady and she said they had come from a city 
about three hours away with $150.00. 
They went to the public hospital because the little boy was very sick.
 The public hospital is free but 
because there is no medicine people who are admitted 
have to pay for the medicine and treatment administered. 
I don't know how long they were in the hospital 
but when the baby was released 
they had no money,
 no place to go, 
and no way to get back home. 
The lady told me, "We didn't know what to do because it's raining 
and I have a young daughter. 
Staying on the street is too dangerous."
 One of our student's told me that he really felt like God was putting
 it on his heart to give them money for their bus fare so they could go back home. 
 I had some clothes that Evan had outgrown 
and another girl said she had shoes for the little girl.
 I went home with the my children because it was getting late.
Once I got home I put a bag of stuff together 
while Ruben stayed with the youth group.
They went to the public hospital and gave out the rest of the food 
to the people who were there with their family members.  
Most don't have money for food.  
They also were able to pray for the sick. 
When they finished Ruben picked up the bag and, he
and the student that wanted to give them money, went back to the shelter. 
Unfortunately, this story is not uncommon.  
Many people come to our city, because its the closest hospital, and they have nothing.
Seeing this family in need affected all of us. 
 We can't help everyone
 but if you open your eyes and your heart and help those who are around you 
things will change.  

The time is always right to do what is right.-Martin Luther King Jr.

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