Saving Joseph

   This story is nothing short of people working together, doing what God has called them to do, and divine appointment.  One morning  Ruben was informed that he was to be a chaperone for an Honor's Society activity that was at a public school in a small little community outside of La Ceiba called Santa Ana.  Our church, El Faro, has a sister church there and Ruben had to wait for the Pastors so he could take them out to the event because they live here in the city.  They were running late and to make a long story short as they were driving up to the community the Pastor's wife saw a few people from the church waiting for the bus.  They had a new born baby that looked very sick and wouldn't stop crying. Upon seeing the baby Ruben knew that something was wrong and needed to go to the hospital urgently. Ruben picked them up and took them to a well known Pediatrician, who is also the mother of one of the kids in our youth group.  She recognized that the baby had some kind of intestinal problem and needed to be operated on.  With her help the baby was admitted and immediately attended to in the public hospital.  They ran tests and confirmed that the intestines were blocked or closed up and needed to be operated on or baby Joseph would die within weeks. He hadn't hardly been eating nor using the bathroom since birth.   The problem the family faced before the tests were even taken was an economical one.  We started calling people, putting messages in our church chats, and I asked for help via Facebook. Many people responded and we were able to cover ALL the financial needs that the family faced.  This money literally saved Joseph's life.  Within three days he was operated on and recuperating.

Days after Joseph's operation
A week after his operation with his mother in the yellow shirt.

   The public hospitals are much different in countries such as Honduras compared to the states. They usually have strict visiting hours and only one or two people are allowed in at a time.  During the time that Joseph was in the hospital we took our youth group to the hospital with the intention of giving out food and coffee to the people who were outside waiting to visit. Many people come from far away so they just sit and sleep outside of the hospital until given permission to visit. When we arrived the guards let our entire youth group in and we were able to go into every crevice of the hospital giving away food and praying for people.  Even more miraculous is they let us into the pediatric ward where we were able to see Joseph, meet his mom, and pray for them.

   A few weeks later he was released but with weekly hospital visits and treatment.  However, each week gaining weight and getting healthier. Shortly thereafter, in the small church in Santa Ana they dedicated baby Joseph and now he looks like a healthy three month old free of any problems or complications.

   With the financial help of some compassionate people, the medical help of a few who couldn't overlook the situation, and the spiritual help of so many God was able to work, in what could have been a very sad situation, into a very joyous and miraculous testimony. 

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