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Garifunas, Honduras, Tela, beach, Carribean
Garifunas riding on the beach in Tela, Honduras.

-->    This past weekend our church had a mission's convention.  It made me reflect on how passionate I used to be about missions.  I think, I might have been more passionate before I got on the field.  "How can you say that?" you may ask, "You are a missionary; you live missions." I know that it sounds terribly hypocritical but as I was listening to the speaker he was encouraging us to be missions minded; that the will of the Father is that NO MAN GOES TO HELL.  I love what I do and I still have a passion for missions and for those who are lost.  But priorities change and you have to reevaluate every once in a while to stay on the right track.  We all have to go. Go could be anywhere. It's not just leaving the country.  Go=be Jesus everywhere.  We are always on the go, always going somewhere.  So we need to reflect Jesus in every "go" part of our lives. (grocery store, work, gas station, gym, ect.) Your GO could be through your giving financial support and prayer.  It can be whatever God puts on your heart.  I was convicted about giving (apart from regular offerings and tithing which is a command).  Sometimes I think, "Lord, we are barely making it and we ARE missionaries so is it necessary that we give to missions as well?"  Do you know what He said? "Yes, you give. You give and you give and you give. This world is not your home.  Give all you can. Give your money and give your time."

   Many times the North American church is categorized as comfortable or stuck in a rut but honestly that happens anywhere in the world.  In the beginning, living in another country was a great adventure; now it's just normal.  As uncomfortable (physically) as it is where I am; I'm actually quite comfortable with my work, my church, my family and that is a dangerous place to be.  That passion and fervor I once had has slowly dimmed but I believe I'm back on the road to where it will soon burn brightly.  Anywhere you go, if you stay long enough, has the chance to become comfortable and mundane.  You have to fight against it. I try to remember there is so much going on in the world, that people are perishing before accepting the gospel and it's my job to GO.  The signs of the times are all around us and we need to be occupied with the the will of God.

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  1. As your co worker Im very proud of you dear Krizz. thanks God for your life. May continues using you more and more...
    Loves Nattzz