Back to School

La Cuenca, Rio Cangrejal, La Ceiba

August has been a whirlwind of events as we started back to school with "back to school" youth group events. Then before I knew it, we are already half-way through September.  Here is a short recap:                                                                                                                                                   -School started and I was moved from Kindergarten (tears) to 5th grade. Huge change. I know. However, I am surprised at how much I love it.

-Sunday Morning Youth Service. We had a surprise Sunday morning service for all teenagers and young adults.  After the regular worship service we announced that all teenagers and young adults were to go into the other sanctuary for this event. We had all the ushers helping us and had a total of 123 young people with six salvations. After the service ended, we broke into groups: teens 13-18 and 18-and up. We were able to connect with all those young people who normally just come on Sunday mornings and personally invite them to our youth services.                                                                  

-The first week of school the church had a "Family Week" in which a Doctor came and spoke each night to a different group. One night was for married couples, one night women, one night men and so on. Friday night she spoke to the youth on sexual purity.  Ruben was able to announce it on the city's radio and television stations.  We had over 400 young people attend the Friday night service. Many students were restored and many accepted the Lord as their Savior.   During this time, a young girl from our youth group went missing for a week. She was finally found on Roatan with a guy and she had willingly ran away. However, she came to the Friday night service and I was able to minister to her.  This girl was found, but she is still very lost.            

-This month has been quite trying for many of our students.  One of our students tried to take her own life, another one had surgery due to female problems, and another girl's mother has tumors that if they aren't removed may turn into skin cancer. And they have the money for
the treatments.  Keep us in prayer as God uses us to comfort, love and mentor these young people in Honduras.

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