Baby Dedication


   May 17, 2015 was an important day for our family. It was the day we dedicated Evan to the Lord at church.  Evan had been dedicated to the Lord from the womb but, for us, it was a public declaration of giving him wholly to God and making a pact, as parents, that we will to do our best to raise him according to our faith and foundations in the Bible.  We know Evan is set a part and will grow in favor because his name means just that: God has shown favor.  Every time we say his name we are declaring God's favor over him.  I just finished reading "The Circle Maker" and it talks about circling your children in prayer based in scripture.  There was a prayer that Hannah prayed over Samuel and Mary prayed over Jesus.  This same prayer we are praying over Evan Jeremiah that he would grow in wisdom and stature with favor in the eyes of God and of all men.

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    Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful!!!

    Debbie TC