Honduran, Salvadoran, and North American

   In Honduras, it is the law that all pregnant women have to leave work 42 day before the baby is born and they also have 42 days after the baby is born.  My plan was to work until Evan was born because I have been blessed with such an amazing pregnancy.  My biggest complaint, these nine months,is having to go to the bathroom ALL THE TIME. Other than that, I feel great and I would much rather 84 days with my baby then have the time to "rest" before.  However, that was not afforded to me  so I had to take the 42 days.  Actually, the school let me work 2 weeks into that so that I will be able to add that onto the time after Evan is born.  I'm starting my second week of maternity leave and I thought I would be bored out of my mind but we recently moved so getting the house in order has been my daily task.  We have officially started working on the nursery so there really is a lot to do.

   On February 18th Ruben and I celebrated our third wedding anniversary.  Seriously, I can't believe we've been married three years and now expecting a baby.  How life changes.  It's been a great three years with lots of ups and downs and changes but God has been so faithful.  He has taken care of us physically and economically when we thought we were at the end of our rope... He always delivered.  We took advantage of our anniversary and the weather, since it wasn't raining, to take some maternity pictures.  I am 37 weeks so I'm really ready to pop. 

  We met with a lawyer to talk about the legal stuff; citizenship and such.  Our baby, Evan Jeremiah, will have three nationalities.  He will automatically be Honduran because he will be born here. Salvadoran because of Ruben and North American because of me.  I think I better start reading up on third culture kids, which are children raised outside of their parents' culture.   Evan is going to be a special little boy and we can't wait to meet him.

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