Impossible to Turn a Blind Eye

   Ruben and I have always been very compassionate to people on the streets begging for money.  In San Salvador, it is almost impossible to stop at a red light without someone coming up to your car begging for pocket change.  Most of them are maimed, elderly, or children. In El Salvador there isn't any kind of governmental help for them.  The other day, while doing errands, we came across three different people in which we helped.  One elderly man was deaf and mute, a young guy-little person- in a wheelchair and an older man who was maimed but also in a wheel chair.  A holy anger rises up inside me as I wonder what more can I do!  As we were heading back to our house we were in a lot of traffic and all of sudden I realize Ruben is going back the way we just came from.  I asked him where are we going and he told me, "Back to the stoplight, there was a man there I didn't help and I have to go back".  I was confused and wondering why do we need to go back through all that traffic to give a few bucks to that man, when we will surely come across someone else.  When we finally got back to the stoplight I saw the man he wanted to help and I immediately understood why Ruben was burdened so....he was blind.  Ruben pulled over and put on his flashers in the middle of crazy traffic and despite all the people honking he took the man's hand and gave him the money.  He told the man, "God can heal your blind eyes, amen?" The man just stood there in shock and finally said," amen".  As we drove away Ruben started to cry and said, "I just want to be like Peter and John at the temple gate.  I said, "Silver and gold have I none..." and he finished "but in the name of Jesus Christ stand up and walk."   
Our lives have drastically changed since the accident but something else is changing within us.  God is doing something!  It is impossible to turn a blind eye to the suffering and the injustice to the poor, sick, and handicap.  It's time for a holy anger to burn inside and move Christians to have such compassion on the lost that it hurts to see them suffer.

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