World Warriors 2013

For anyone who has followed my blog they know that during my time as a Missionary Associate for King's Castle, in El Salvador, I worked with the World Warriors for those six years. World Warriors is a six week intense program for students from the States ages 16-23 to come and do extreme missions; in various countries in Central America.  Oscar and Sulma are leading it this year as I am not a missionary with King's Castle any longer and as much as I loved what I did that was for a season and now I am in a whole different season; married, youth pastor, English Teacher, National Camp Director (All of this except the English teaching part alongside my husband).  While I was a missionary associate I worked alongside of Oscar and Sulma in the children's discipleship program called Club Castillo.  They asked me if I would be able to come out to the lake and lead a session of team building exercises.  Not just anyone can do these activities unless you have been trained specifically by CCI/AL in which I have.  So I gladly went out to help last Sunday.  It is so exciting to be part of even a small part of what these young people will be doing.  We even asked them to come minister to our youth group, Conexion, this past Friday.  It was their first day of doing evangelism programs in the streets.  Then they came and did a service for our youth and as soon as it finished rushed away to an all night prayer service in which they had a drama prepared and would be ministering and praying for people. Sound like a busy schedule? It is, but that is the six week life of a World Warrior.
World Warriors doing a drama.

Rebecca preaching and Leo translating.

Ministry time

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