Children's Outreach in Tenancingo

Last Saturday a friend of ours asked us to come be part of a children's outreach they were having at their church in the little town of Tenancingo.  I was asked to do an illustrated sermon for about 75 or so kids and we were also in charge of the games.  I spoke about the love of God being a free gift and used a real present as an illustration of how God's love is given to us; no charge that is why it is a gift.  It went well even though I was nervous and about 25 children or so decided to accept the gift of Jesus through His salvation.  After the service it was game time.  We had 10 stations rotating every 6 minutes so all the kids could play all the games.  Afterwards we were invited to eat Sopa de Pata (Cow foot soup).  I must admit it was must first time eating it because I'm not to keen on cow hoof but I took out all those parts and gave them to Ruben and I just ate the veggies and soup part and it was delicious.  Don't knock it til you try it! Believe it or not when I tell people the things we eat in S. Louisiana they are grossed out and look at me like I'm the crazy one.

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