Camp 180º


During Spring Break, which is the actual week before Easter aka Holy Week, the Assembly of God National Youth Department always has its camps.  Each zone has their own camp.  This was our last zone camp as camp director's because we are now working on the National Staff and that requires us working with not only our zone but all the zones.  This camp really was made possible by various people from the States who donated to help us buy the food for the camp.  Because of these donors some 300 Salvadoran youth were blessed with great food.  The site was a beautiful campground way up in the mountains in a little town called San Ignacio and it was cold; you can see in the pictures we are all using jackets and sweatshirts.
For me, one of the most rewarding things about the camp was that a few students from our youth group, Conexion, went and were really touched by the Lord in a way they have never experienced before.

I also had an experience I will never forget.  Our students introduced me to a fruit they call a "farting apple."  Really it is nothing like an apple but if you take a forceful bite it does kind of sound like you are farting.  The way to know if the fruit is good if it smells like roses.  It also taste like roses smell. They were really good and I ate way to many but luckily these farting apples don't make you do what their name says.

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